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Linnet Table Lamp

29.5″ CERAMIC TABLE LAMP Dimensions: 29.5″ Ht.

Latina Table Lamp

30″H CERAMIC + CRESTAL TABLE LAMP Dimensions: 29″Ht.

Slender Avian Lamp

34.5″ WHITE TABLE LAMP Dimensions: 35″

Blaze Earthenware Table Lamp

26.5″H BLUE COLOR CERAMIC TABLE LAMP Dimensions: 26.5″Ht.

Diamond Table Lamp

29.25″H CERAMIC TABLE LAMP Dimensions: 29″Ht.

Saher Table Lamp

With its earthy ceramic base in a two-tone glaze and textured shade, this understatedly beautiful table lamp is a natural

Emelda Table Lamp

This table lamp illuminates with vintage-inspired style. Antiqued cream glazed ceramic base boasts a crackle effect. Vase shape with the

Linus Table Lamp

Brighten your bedside or illuminate your living space with this stylish table lamp. Understated ceramic base is finished with a

Diah Vase (Set of 2)

Every piece of furniture in your home has earned its place. Accentuate it with this 2-piece vase set. Tan textured

Dinesh Vase (Set of 2)

Add subtle glam with this ceramic vase set, reflecting your eclectic eye for design. The textural pattern gracing the sides

Calixto Table Lamp

Delight in an earthy elegant aesthetic with this terracotta table lamp. Loaded with multitonal interest, the iridescent taupe base with